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Becoming a Twosome

Bud: When I returned to the Bachelor Officer Quarters and told everyone I was engaged, my roommate said Holy Cow! My friends said, “we realized you were serious about Dottie but you have only known her for a month or two”.  I said, sometimes you just know the deal is right and I know this is the woman I want to be my wife and the mother of my children.  She has been raised a catholic and lives and behaves under the principles of Catholic Christianity.  I didn’t realize how important it would be but it was my intention to complete instruction and those steps necessary to join the Catholic Faith anyway and having her already a person who lived under those rights and disciplines added to the perceived propriety of our becoming married under its family guidelines.  I telephoned my folks and told them that I had found a girl that I was going to marry.  After the expected who what why and where questions, they asked when and where is the ceremony, we want to be there. I told them that we had talked about getting married in September and driving out to Southern California on our honeymoon.  My Dad asked; What about your plan to return to Cal after your discharge in October?  I reported that we had discussed the situation and Dottie agreed that she would get a job and earn about $200.00 per month and along with my $90 per month GI Bill income, we could handle the expenses for the two years anticipated.  He seemed somewhat dubious that the plan would not be interrupted by unforeseen circumstances but I told him, we are going to try to do it.

Dottie: My sister, Kathryn Cruz, worked on Post and she was surprised as most of our other friends that I had agreed formally to marry some GI fellow who I met as recently as only a month ago.  Kathryn asked me all the “what if” questions but after she learned Bud was from California and she met Bud, she no longer had any reservations.  In fact, I think she was kind of envious hearing that we would be living in California.  About a week later when Bud asked me to go out for dinner, I Thought this will be a good time to fulfill my promise and introduce him to Bert’s mother.  We could enjoy the good food they serve at her restaurant and he didn’t have to know anything about my relationship with Bert.  So, he agreed and said he would pick me up at 6:00 at my quarters.  It was the custom of the military guys sometimes to wear civilian clothes when off post for recreation or eating dinner etc., but when Bud showed up at my quarters in an outfit that was composed of blue pants and a green Hawaiian shirt with white tennis shoes, I was so taken back by his apparel that I suggested that maybe since I was not feeling great, we postpone going out to meet Bert’s mother and have a quiet supper at a local hangout.  Somehow in the evening’s conversation, Bud wondering why the change of plans, realized that his fashion statement did not meet the standards of we Kentucky girls and from that moment on he has developed tastes that are most admirable and suitable.  He says, “No one ever told me green and blue just don’t make it, but I’ll do better in the future”.  

Bud:  We had planned to get married just before my discharge in September but about the end of March I learned that a small two-bedroom cottage was for rent just north of the Post and after looking at it, I suggested to Dottie that maybe it would be a good idea to schedule the wedding a bit earlier and begin collecting all the things that we will need while still on post where we got good prices for everything.  Ha! Ha! That was the reason I gave her and she didn’t object so we went into see Father Gafell, the Priest at the Hospital Chapel and told him of our plans and need to schedule the event.  I rented the Cottage for the 5 months ending September 30th, and made a pretty good deal since it had been vacant for the prior four months and the landlord was a friend of my boss, Colonel Moroney. I saw to it that we spent as little time as possible at the Officer’s Club so we could chat and enjoy planning our day rather than fight off those other guys trying to get Dottie to Jitterbug with them.  My Mom and Dad flew in from Los Angeles to Nashville on Thursday before our scheduled wedding on May 23rd and stayed at the Cottage.  Dotty’s Dad and Mother came down with her brother Charles and his family. 

Dottie:  The wedding was simple but very nice, Bud wore his dress uniform and I wore a sweet white dress appropriate for the event.  Bud completed his catechism instruction and become baptized in the Catholicfaith, so we were to have a Catholic wedding before Mass at which we would say our Vows.  We both knew Father Gafell quite well since he baptized Bud and we had attended mass at his church for the prior four months.  When the Marriage service began and we both had said our part, just before Father was to say “I now pronounce you Man and Wife”, he turned to Bud and said a strange thing, “Are you Ready Bud? I was taken back a bit but he answered with complete assurance and then Father said the words that launched the Bud and Dottie Brewer Families, “The Brewer Dynasty”.  We returned to the Cottage and celebrated with a modest reception for both our families and friends. It was our plan to drive down that afternoon to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where a friend had offered his home on Hilton Head Island for a week and where we would spend our Honeymoon. For some strange reason, we never got past Nashville where we stayed at the Noel Hotel.

Bud:  The Army was deactivating most of the units that mostly contained draftees, so I was offered the option of discharge on September 30th if I gave up my rights under my designation as “Distinguished Graduate of O.C.S.” and the automatic promotion to First Lieutenant October 31st.  That was an easy decision given my experience having seen how the real army operates and our anxiety to get going back to California. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are posts to units in which I would be a proud member, but once being assigned to the 95th, my comfort with what could happen made my continuing in the service undesirable and the return to whatever future civilian life held for me a distinct preference.

One Man and his Wife’s Opinion-

Bud and Dottie Brewer

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